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BABY HELMET - For Learning  To Walk Babies.

Patent for Sale or Lease - U.S. 7188375

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Dear Friend,

You wouldn't let your child get on a bike now without their helmet right? Or into a car without a safety seat? Well this is no different, and even more important than the other two combined.
You have just discovered the revolutionary and
PATENTED - idea so simple, it's amazing that it hasn't been around for generations.


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The Baby Hat Pad is a hat that functions like a Baby Helmet for learning how to walk infants. The Baby Helmet is made from impact tested protective foam used in the major helmet industry such as Nike and Bauer who's helmets are CSA, HECC, and CE Certified. The foam is then contained inside spandex so that 100% of the hat pad is 100% flexible. This makes sure that there is zero resistance to the service of their soft developing skull, while providing 100% protection. Ear holes for maximum hearing, which is important for balance. Special air flow design to keep baby as cool as possible on hot days. Air is captured from front of hat pad and drawn in and out top. Ultra thin cotton chin strap is soft and comfortable for babies chubby neck. One size fits all.

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I'm a father of 2 boys, who were always falling, and running around frantically, exploring faster than we could keep up. Inevitably it would happen. Their skulls would crack on the concrete, or smack on the side of the coffee table, or slam on the ceramic tiles, and I couldn't take it anymore. I was stressed, and my kids were getting hurt while they learned to navigate. So I did something about it! I invented the BABYHATPAD for my kids, and the stress and worry were gone!"

* Head injuries are the #1 type of injury that occurs among children due to common falls.

* During an infants most vulnerable time - when they are learning how to walk - we don't protect them, and it is during this time that they have the highest rate of skull fractures.

* Infants usually don’t wear helmets because the hard, solid structure of their design can cause injury, discomfort and pain to a very soft fragile skull such as that of an infant. As a result we let them take their chances resulting in the most severe injuries among children during this time.

* Older children have developed, solidified skulls; infants however, around a year old or younger have a soft developing skull which doesn’t solidify until age 2. This is too late for infants who are very mobile while learning how to walk and falling time, after time, after time.

* Most injuries to younger children occur in the home. * The major causes of pediatric brain injury were falls.

* Preschool children have the highest rate of head injury, and among infants under one year these injuries accounted for 40 % of the total injuries treated in emergency rooms.

*  At 12 months and younger they have the highest rate of skull fractures and intracranial injury and are common in children younger than 2 years and result from relatively minor falls.

* Babies requiring a CT scan to detect injury may require sedation, which carries risks including hypoxia, apnea, prolonged depressed level of consciousness, aspiration, and the need for tracheal intubations and mechanical ventilation.Most injuries to younger children occur in the home. * The major causes of pediatric brain injury were falls.


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Baby Hat Pad

"We ended up in emergency with my blood-soaked son when he split his head open and needed multiple stitches. The anxiety of thinking that could happen again was stressful for me, and ultimately my son. If BABYHATPAD would have been around, this wouldn't have happened. I can't imagine how many other injuries and hospital visits this could prevent for others too."
Tracy Repchuk (Burbank, CA)

Coup And Contracoup Injuries
Image demonstrates how in a coup injury a blow to the rear of the skull results in an injury to the anterior of the brain. In a contracoup injury (right), the brain recoils and strikes the posterior skull as well, injurying it twice.


In children some neurologic deficits after head trauma may not manifest for many years. Frontal lobe functions, for example, develop relatively late in a child's growth, so that injury to the frontal lobes may not become apparent until the child reaches adolescence as higher level reasoning develops. Since the frontal lobes control our social interactions and interpersonal skills, early childhood brain damage may not manifest until such frontal lobe skills are called into play later in development. Likewise, injury to reading and writing centers in the brain may not become apparent until the child reaches school age and shows signs of delayed reading and writing skills

At one time it was assumed that children were more resistant to brain trauma than adults because their developing brains could rewire over time. However, mounting evidence seems to suggest otherwise. In fact, it may be that children are more susceptible than adults to permanent brain damage even when the forces involved are equivalent.

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